GeoDialog is a dialogue-based system for exploring and using GeoData from heterogeneous sources. It has been first proposed in the Innovation Conference of CODE 2019 and is now actively developed as one of the pilot projects of the professorship big geospatial data.

The slides of the pitch illustrate a simple user story which serves as the first milestone in implementation.

The first version of GeoDialog is being developed as a loose coupling of a set of components including

  • 3D Web Map Engine (a clean WebGL-based simple rendering engine taking into account resource-limited environments)
  • SpeechRecognition (a speech recognition system that is not optimized for transcription, but to be used in combination with a text-mining engine capable of using inaccurate transcriptions as well)
  • Context-Aware Text Intention Extractor

In future versions, we will consider the integration with Quantum GIS and several challenges related to making the system usable in indoor environments (basically reducing the importance of a continuous visual interface to a sporadic interaction).

These future research topics include

  • Audio Descriptions for Indoor Navigation
  • Geometry Descriptions for Building Footprints
  • Topology-based navigation description for indoor applications

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