Currently, I am mainly working in the field of trajectory computing. Trajectory computing is concerned with understanding and efficiently computing similarity of trajectories and providing index structures for trajectory retrieval. The research methodology of my work is focussing on understanding different mappings and operators transforming between different domains and types of trajectories.

In the following section, I showcase some of my research results. These results are not intended to summarize my work. Instead, they are selected in order to shine a multimedial light on some of my work. If you are interested in an overview of my work, you are better served from my publications.


Virtual Anchor Points - Towards Location-Awareness frmo Wi-Fi Trajectories

Virtual Anchor Points are locations in Wi-Fi signal space that are sufficiently unique. This approach leads to interesting time series of labels generated from time series of Wi-Fi readings for indoor location aware systems.

Winner of ACM GIS Cup 2015 – Routing with Polygonal Constraints

My contribution to ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS Cup 2015 was scored as the best submission this year. Thanks to all organizers and sponsors. It was a great pleasure! Find code and explanations on YouTube and on the associated page in the code section!

IPIN 2014 - Best Paper Award for Alternative Routes in Buildings

In our paper “Homotopy and Alternative Routes in Indoor Navigation Scenarios”, we showed how to use homotopy together with a patching trajectory and a penalty algorithm approach in order to enumerate and find alternative routes in indoor navigation scenarios providing additional knowledge about buildings from quite simple occupancy grid representations. We hope, that the approach will be helpful in defining new error-correction methodologies assuming reasonable movement in the long term. For now, we are proud that this paper was selected for the “Best Paper Award”. Thanks to all reviewers and committee members!