In the last years, I was quite active in publishing scientific papers and reading papers from others. Very often, it was hard work to fill in the needed details of related work and to complete the abstract scientific writing into working programs. This section of my homepage contains various projects, articles and source-code intended to help. Constructive comments and support for the projects are most welcome.


DSLAB - Interactive Portable Data Science in C++11

DSLAB is a very simple way of writing portable applications in C++11 exploiting wxWidgets for platform independence. The library allows you to concentrate on your data science project, OpenGL rendering and interaction.

Trajectory Clustering with TRACLUS

Clustering of spatial trajectories is complicated in comparison to clustering point objects. A classical framework for doing this is the TRACLUS framework. In this article, I explain, how to implement it. It comes with full source code of a high performance C++ implementation exploiting multicore capabilities. Read the full article here in my code section! You can get an impression in a YouTube video clustering the Deer dataset (as the original paper did).