In this section, I provide some articles on various computer science topics. I would be glad, if you find something helpful around here...

Video Tutorial: Apache Spark Using Docker on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This is a video tutorial of how to use Docker for locally developing your Big Data Application using Spark and Python and how to quickly deploy from your local development environment to Amazon Web Services (or any other cloud provider). This tutorial exploits docker-compose, docker-machine, docker in swarm mode, Apache Spark, and PySpark for solving a toy problem with MapReduce.

New Position "Big Geospatial Data"

Today, I start my new job at the Leibniz-University of Hanover with a focus on Big Geospatial Data.

Opponent for Doctoral Dissertation of Jussi Parviainen

The Tampere University of Technology invited me as an opponent for Jussi Parviainens dissertation. We had a very nice talk about context-awareness and location. See the blog article for Jussi's successful defense by clicking on the title of this entry.

Difference Between Trajectory Computing and Time Series Analytics

Trajectory Computing and Time Series Analytics are partially overlapping research areas. In this blog post, I explain, why they are not the same while algorithms from each of those domains can be applied in the other domain.

Homotopy and Alternative Routes in Indoor Navigation Scenarios

Alternative routes are widely used in street navigation. However, this concept is difficult to transfer to the situation of indoor navigation as many equivalent shortest paths through free space are different from each other, but not perceived as truly alternative. This blog post explains the main idea behind using a homotopy approximation using polygon filling for quickly finding sets of truly alternative paths in buildings.

Trajectory Clustering Using TRACLUS

Trajectory Clustering using the TRACLUS algorithm is now available for R users via our package trajcomp. This article shows, how you can use it to cluster trajectories.

Notes on Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation is an interesting field in pervasive computing. With this blog post, I want to identify important general problems for future work.

Trajectory Distances in Java

A recent student of mine was concerned with discussing and understanding some properties of well-known trajectory similarity measures. Find out more about it in this blog post [...]

Homotopy and Alternative Routes in Indoor Navigation Scenarios

Our paper Homotopy and Alternative Routes in Indoor Navigation Scenarios has been accepted and presented at the 5th International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation in Busan, Korea. We are very proud that the paper received the Best Paper Award this year. This post is intended to give some additional material related to our paper. [...]